Settling in at Tropical Palms RV Resort

Saturday April 30th 2022

I slept in this morning for the first time since last Sunday. The Disney experience encouraged an early start to the day even though I ultimately resisted the challenge. Today started cloudy and gradually became sunny allowing the temperature to climb into the mid eighties. The weather pattern is now a summer one. There is the threat of thunderstorms every afternoon and evening. Today it wasn’t quite humid enough to result in storms in this area, but the chance is higher tomorrow.

Blossom of the Day

The primary activity of the day was settling in at the campground. I did the last few setup tasks after a relaxed breakfast that lasted most of the morning. In the early afternoon I set out to explore the changes to the campground since my last visit. My first observation was the water level in the stream that passes through the campground is very low. In some areas it is only a trickle through a mud flat. In other areas there was enough water to support a young alligator. It still had its juvenile camouflage and was about three feet long.

Little alligator hiding in the murky water.

They have also expanded the campground into an area that was used for storage. A number of new sites with concrete pads have been built, but haven’t been opened for use yet. In other areas I think some of the park models on leased lots have been removed. There are still plenty of the little cottage style models painted in Caribbean pastel colors all over the place. Some are used for rentals and some are owned.

The campground is not full, but very active. It has a combination of long term residents and travelers. I saw license plates from a wide variety of states and provinces. The furthest away was from California and the most frequent non Florida plate seem to be from Minnesota. Late in the day the number increased when another Minnesota trailer arrived on the site next door.

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