A Little Wandering and a Grocery Run

Monday May 2nd 2022

The upward temperature trend continued. Today’s high was around ninety degrees. The TV weather talkers report the expected average high at 87 degrees, so it is a little above normal. The scattered afternoon showers were all north of here. Tomorrow has a higher chance of thunderstorms in this area.

Blossom of the day

I battled the traffic this afternoon to check out some of the changes in this area since my last visit. Other than a few buildings that are now empty lots and a few empty lots that are now buildings, there wasn’t much to see. My actual destination was one of the local Walmart stores for groceries. It has been two weeks since my last stock up.

I was in search of typical groceries, but many of the people in the store were in search of very atypical items. The Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens stores in this area all have big Disney merchandise sections. The family in front of me in the checkout line had a basket filled with Disney souvenirs, Mickey Mouse T-shirts, candy, soft drinks and a few breakfast style food items. They were clearly stocking their vacation rental for an extended stay. It was over three hundred and fifty dollars in merchandise. A gallon of milk and a basket of strawberries were the only things I would categorize as healthy food. At least the souvenirs were cheaper than at the theme parks. I guess you’d say, I had fun people watching at the grocery store.

The campground is in a midweek lull in occupancy. A few more people departed this morning and haven’t been replaced by new arrivals. On my walk around the resort his afternoon it was very quiet with lots of unoccupied RVs and empty sites. The only busy area was the swimming pool and the adjacent laundry facility.

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