An Even Windier Saturday

Saturday March 5th 2022

Today’s wind was even stronger than yesterday. It built up to around a 20mph sustained wind out of the east late in the afternoon with gusts even higher. From a cooling perspective it was needed. The record high temperatures of ninety were tied in some locations in the area. Here, in the middle of the peninsular, the wind kept the temperature in the mid eighties.

The wind had this guy soaring for long time before landing on the guard rail along the bridge.

Everything I did today was impacted by the wind. While out walking it was a constant battle to keep my hat on. If it wasn’t for the bright sun, I would have abandoned the hat. I think the birds even stayed in more sheltered areas because of the wind. The usual compliment of birds was depleted. Trying to work around the outside of my RV home was also a challenge. The wind was blowing over chairs and pushing doors closed right out of my hands. The wind will be back tomorrow to keep the temperature down, while keeping activities limited.

Hard to get image of the blossom of the day on a windy day.
Fish caught in the outflow waters from the dam.

There were a lot of people in the park to fish today. The churned up water in the outflow from the dam is a popular Snook fishing area. I am not familiar with the species, but looked it up on the internet. It is endangered and therefor highly regulated. In this area a fisherman can take one fish between 28 and 33 inches a day. They apparently grow to be much bigger. I saw a couple of fish caught that were considered “keepers” by the fishermen. They were probably snook, but I didn’t ask. My knowledge of fish spices in southern areas is poor. I can identify the ones that also exist in the northeast, but after that I am a poor guesser.

Only a handful of campsites turned over today. The campground was pretty quiet during the middle of the day. People were either out for the day or hiding out in the shelter of the wind and shade from the sun. As night fall arrived the wind decreased a little and people got out to walk dogs and get their exercise before the long night.

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