Lazy Sunday with More Wind

Sunday March 6th 2022

It was another sunny and windy day. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties. Overall, it seemed to be a little cooler than Saturday. Much needed humidity is expected to arrive tomorrow as the wind moves from the east toward the southeast. Currently, the fire danger is very high.

Lots of fluffy clouds in the sky today.

Looking back at my last few blog entries, it would appear I’ve become obsessed with the wind. This is the first campsite in the open I’ve had since fall. All of my campsites so far this winter have been in the trees. A windy day in the woods is a lot different from a windy day in an open field. This campground is on the bank of the Okeechobee waterway. Not only does the waterway allow the wind to travel at ground level, but the surrounding area is pasture land or flood plain area. There is very little to divert the wind. In this area the wind behaves similar to the wind in the wide open west. The wind the last few days hasn’t been bad, just constant. It has kept the overall heat bearable. Continually gusty winds are far harder to deal with.

This was a lazy day. It was a two cup of coffee morning as I caught up on my internet reading. My first walk of the day was shortly afternoon. All of the Sunday departures from the campground had already checked out. I counted only ten empty sites out of fifty one. That is just another indicator that this isn’t a weekend destination. It is a place for travelers from northern states to stop. Today I saw more than one RV from each of Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts in the campground.

There were plenty of people fishing today just like yesterday. I didn’t see anyone land a fish, but I saw several being carried away when the fishing was over. The area just below the dam seems to be a very productive fishing hole. In addition to the people on the fishing platform, boats creep up to the line of buoys that mark how close to the dam you can get. The fishermen on the boats cast well into the water discharge area. I’m surprised there aren’t a lot of crossed lines with all the angles people are fishing from.

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