More Pictures on a Windy Friday

Friday March 4th 2022

It was another bright sunny day with scattered clouds. The only change from yesterday was a stronger wind from a more easterly direction. The temperature stayed in the low eighties. Overall it was a very nice day as long as you kept everything anchored down.

Blossom of the day.
Cattle land to the south of the campground.
One of several Martin houses with a full complement of residents. These houses were new on my first visit to this campground.

There has been a lot of turnover in the campground the last couple of days. After the 11AM checkout time a third or more of the fifty one sites were empty. By the end of the day they are full. Most of the RVs in this park are travelers. The out of state plates easily out number the Florida license plates. That pattern holds for the recent arrivals as well. It doesn’t appear to be many if any people that are here just for the weekend. They are either here for a single night or a stay longer than the weekend. This campground is very different than the Florida state parks I’ve been staying in for the last ten weeks.

Besides walking around the park and taking pictures of birds, flowers and boats, I got a few chores done today. Taking pictures is far more enjoyable. I am probably taking pictures of the same birds over and over, but they continue to show up in a new light or angle. Tonight’s sunset picture wasn’t as nice as yesterday. Most of the clouds had disappeared from the sky before the sunset.

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