A Day of Annoyances

Thursday March 3rd 2022

The warm and dry weather trend continued today. The mostly sunny sky with a breeze out of the northeast resulted in a high temperature in the low to mid eighties. It was a very comfortable day.

Great Blue Heron photo of the day.

I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. At least figuratively speaking. Today was lawn maintenance day at the campground. Around eight this morning it started. The sound of gas powered mowers, trimmers and edgers invaded the quiet overnight hours. Judging by when I turned off the TV last night, I should have slept at least another hour. The noisy early start to the day was just the first annoyance of the day.

On my first walk of the day I watched another catamaran pass through the lock. This one was eastbound or upstream. While watching the water fill the lock I got stung my some kind of bee. It got inside the leg opening in my shorts and trapped by the force of my phone in my pocket. The result was the first bee sting I’ve had in years. It was just above my knee. I was in real discomfort for a few minutes, but by afternoon I had forgotten all about it.

Later in the day, while catching on chores around my RV home, I managed to bang my knee on the corner of the refrigerator. The impact was just right to trigger a reflex reaction and another brief period of pain. I’m counting this as the third annoyance of the day. So far it is only a three annoyance day, but they have all come back to me as I search for something to write about in this blog entry.

Tonight’s sunset was very pretty. There were just enough cloud cover in the western sky to make the red sunset pop.

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