Watching Traffic Through the Ortona Lock

Wednesday March 2nd 2022

Yesterday ended with a clear sky and stayed clear overnight. The day began with bright sunshine and a breeze out of the northeast. The breeze kept the overall temperature under control today. It peaked in the low eighties. The forecast calls for it to get warmer all week topping near ninety on Sunday.

Snowy Egret

Today I made it a point to watch for boats passing through the lock. Shortly before noon I spotted a catamaran coming down river toward the lock. I walked across the dam to the observation area on the side of the lock to follow it through. The boat turned out to be out of Bermuda. The couple on board must be spending the winter in Florida. It was the only boat I saw lock through during the day.

I’ve been picking up on an odd vibe at this campground. At most public campgrounds people keep to themselves or one or two groups traveling with them. They are polite and open to conversation, but not invasive. Here there seems to be much more familiarity going on. It more closely resembles a commercial campground with long term residents. I overheard one departing party being wished safe travels and a promise to see them next year. It sounded like they are here at the same time every year. My neighbor greeted me shortly after I arrived with a small inquisition that seemed to imply she wasn’t happy to see me on the site beside her. It was an attitude of ownership or entitlement that seemed very out of place. Usually the two week stay limit keeps these types of things at bay. Late this afternoon an email from the campground office confirmed part of the problem. It was reminding people in the campground that there is a two week limit and that changing the name of the person on the registration is not an appropriate action to avoid the stay limitation. They don’t seem to be planning on kicking people out, but imply they will be attempting to enforce the rule more diligently. Clearly there is a problem, but I’m not part of it.

I saw many of the same birds today. They seem to have their favorite spots for getting a snack or full meal. An occasional small feud over territory takes place when one bird gets to close to another, but for the most part they wander around in harmony. I took more pictures of the birds today.

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