Last Full Day at Rainbow Springs State Park

Sunday February 28th 2022

The fog rolled in overnight and held on well into the morning. It was near 10AM before a sunny blue sky was overhead. Even with the slow start the temperature got to the mid eighties. A cold front is forecast to arrive late tonight or tomorrow morning. Some rain is possible tomorrow.

There weren’t a lot of these little yellow wildflower blossoms when I arrived here. Now there are plenty and I’ve taken their picture most every day.

This is my last full day at Rainbow Springs State Park. I’ve enjoyed my stay, but I am ready to move on. On my walks today I took many of the same pictures I’ve already taken. The one thing that was different was the antics of the people. During the entire length of my stay the kayak and canoe launch was used as it was designed and the beach area next door was used for the occasional swimmer. Today people didn’t seem to get it. During my first walk several boaters were using the beach area to launch their kayaks while the nice easy boat ramp next door was empty. Later in the day I found the exact opposite situation. People were swimming from the kayak ramp while a canoe and a pair of kayaks were trying to land. The beach with a sandy bottom wasn’t getting used.

Lots of paddlers today.

I spent most of my time between walks getting ready to travel tomorrow. It will be a long travel day, so I want to get an earlier start than I’ve been getting on my last few moves. I’ll try to get on the road by 10AM for my two hundred and sixty mile drive. Most of the trip will be southbound on Interstate 75. It is not the shortest route, but it should be the easiest driving. I have about fifteen miles to travel before I get on the Interstate and another forty to fifty miles after I get off the Interstate in the Fort Meyers area. The shorter routes cut both of the corners off, but go through many towns with lots of traffic lights.

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