Watching the Fish

Saturday February 26th 2022

Central Florida was the warmest area in the continental United States today. Even south of here in the Miami area wasn’t as warm. The high in this area was in the upper eighties. There wasn’t much wind and the humidity was high making for a rather uncomfortable day for February.

What big eyes you have!

I was up early this morning to make another attempt to book a reservation for next winter in another Florida State Park. My attempt last Wednesday was unsuccessful. Today I was successful booking a two week reservation in the Orlando area for the end of January into the beginning of February. I will have to book 3 nights in a commercial park to fill the gap between reservations, but that can wait a few weeks. My outline of a plan for next winter is completely blown up, but I’m getting reservations at some nice parks nonetheless.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

The early start to the day resulted in a lazy pace for most of the morning. It wasn’t until close to noon before I got out for my first walk of the day. My neighbors were busy with a very elaborate process of packing to leave. They have a big diesel motorhome that they pulls a box trailer. In the trailer they carry kayaks, a golf cart and two big motorcycles. The box trailer is so big they had to park it in the reception area parking lot. I won’t miss the noisy motorcycles at all.

The river was just as busy and congested today as it was last weekend. Today seemed to have more paddle boards than kayaks, but they were all having fun. I spent a long time sitting on a bench watching the fish in the clear water. The ones near shore weren’t as big or exotic as the ones the snorkelers and scuba divers were seeing out in the middle of the river. One women who came in from snorkeling was very excited about the big gar she saw. At only a couple of feet it wasn’t very big for the species, but I let her thing it was huge.

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