South to Ortona

Monday February 28th 2022

It was a travel day, so I was up early. The warm weather of the past two plus weeks was missing. A cold front was moving in keeping the morning temperatures in the fifties and low sixties under a very cloudy sky. I traveled south in the cloudy conditions for the first 150 miles before the sun started to break and the temperature climbed. Passing through the boundary between cool and warm weather was a windy event. My RV was pushed around on the highway by the wind for the last hundred miles or so. The temperature climbed into the eighties.

Site 13 at the Ortona South Army Corp of Engineers Campground.

I managed to get on the road by 10:30AM. Once I reached Interstate 75 traffic was heavy. Every lane had traffic moving at the speed limit or above all the way from the Ocala area to the Sarasota area. At least it was better than the northbound lane. It was stopped in several areas. South of Sarasota the traffic let up a little. Changing lanes to maintain a steady pace became possible.

I arrived at the Army Corp of Engineers Ortona South campground after four and a half hours of straight driving. The one gas stopped I planned to make was a congested mess, so I arrived at my destination with a quarter tank of gas. I’ve stayed here a couple of times before. It should make a nice home for the next two weeks, but it is a different kind of park than I’ve been staying at for most of the winter. My site is out in the open without shade or any real break from the wind. I will probably have to turn the Air Conditioner on during the afternoon on the hot temperature days to come.

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