Sluggish Day

Friday February 25th 2022

The overnight temperature only dropped a little below the sixty degree mark. This allowed the daytime temperature to rise quickly to the mid eighties high for the day. There were some clouds in the morning, but by the end of the day it was a clear blue sky.

There were plenty of clouds in the sky early in the day.

I am not particularly susceptible to allergies, but sometimes the pollen level will get to me. Today was one of those days. As soon as I stepped out of my RV home, my nose got congested and my eyes started to tear up. I’m not sure what particular pollen was in play, but something was in the air. A breeze came up later in the day and cleared the air enough that I wasn’t feeling the impact anymore.

Wildflower blossom of the day.
Fish in the clear water.

The campground is transitioning into weekend mode today. There was a lot of turn over this morning. Many of the rig that departed have been here since before I arrived. Once again the key feature of the new arrivals is the paddling equipment. They may be staying in tents, vans or small RVs, but they have plenty of kayaks, canoes and recreational equipment. The river will be a zoo again this weekend.

The wild side of the river.

It was late in the afternoon before I had the energy to take the first real hike of he day. This morning I only walked to the river and back, but before sunset I walked the main trail system out behind my campsite. I hoped that the late hour would bring some of the area wildlife out of hiding. There are plenty of signs of animals bigger than squirrels, but they were still in their daytime hide outs. Even the water birds along the river were not around this evening.

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