Lazy Tuesday

Tuesday February 22nd 2022

It was another nice weather day. With a little more humidity than Monday the temperature reached the low eighties. Each day this week is forecast to be a little warmer. Some record highs are in danger of being surpassed.

Today turned into a lazy day. I started reading various articles on the internet during breakfast and didn’t come up for air until early afternoon. My plans outside of the campground were scraped. It was back to my two walks of the day around the campground and down to the river.

The “Nature” trail at the Rainbow Springs State Park Campground.
Wildflower Blossom of the day.

There was a lot of turnover in the park today. Some of the rigs that have been here since I arrived last week pulled out this morning. A few others that arrived recently just changed sites to extend their stay. By mid afternoon the empty sites were getting filled with the new arrivals. Judging by the boats on the roofs of arriving vehicles, about half the people staying here are into paddling.

I have often thought about having a kayak, but it isn’t really practical carrying one around the country with me. Even the inflatable Sea Eagle brand kayaks are heavy and fairly bulky when you take into account all the stuff that goes with it. If I used it often, it might still be something to do, but judging by how often I use my bicycle it wouldn’t be worth it. There are fewer places to use kayak than a bicycle.

Another view of Mr. Wood Duck.

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