Disappointing Day

Wednesday February 23rd 2022

It was a foggy start to a very warm day. By around 10AM the fog had lifted and the sun started to make an appearance, but it never completely won the battle for the sky. In the early afternoon another layer of clouds moved into the area, but was mostly gone by sunset. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with lots of humidity.

Today didn’t get off to a good start. I was supposed to make my next set of reservations for next winter at 8AM this morning. Last night I did all the research and identified ten possible sites at two different State Parks to try for this morning. The one thing I didn’t do last night was set the alarm clock. As it turns out I was awake early enough, but I didn’t remember my important task. It was around 11:30AM when I remembered what I was supposed to do at 8AM. By the time I checked the online booking system, all of the sites were booked.

I like these little yellow blossoms. They are also about the only thing in blossom.

I’ll try to book a two week stay for the end of next January into early February again in two or three days. Once I’m successful, I’ll reserve a commercial campground to fill in the gap between state park stays. That is the same technique that found me staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness this past January. Good things can come from disappointing mistakes.

Most of my afternoon was spent in the car driving around the area. It ended with a stop at Walmart for my latest grocery restocking. The checkouts were busy, but the number of people in the store didn’t seem to be that bad. I had a difficult time finding all of the things I wanted. It may have been supply chain issues or it may have been that I didn’t know where to look. Somebody seems to have stirred up all of the aisles in the store. The aisles weren’t in the same order I’m used to finding in Walmart and some of the similar items were spread across multiple aisles. I found Strawberry Jam with the snack foods. It is usually with the coffee or bread. Crackers for soup are usually with the cookies, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. Even with all the searching, I still spent more money than I usual spend restocking my food supply.

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