Goldielocks and the Three Screwdrivers

Monday February 21st 2022

My second week here at Rainbow Springs State Park started with another great weather day. It was a sunny day with a few fluffy clouds. The temperature continued to climb from Saturday’s low around seventy. Today the high temperature was around eighty.

A sunny day with lots of fluffy white clouds.

Today was an RV home maintenance day. The pressure sensing switch on my water pump broke a while back. The switch senses when there is a demand for water based on an open faucet and turns on the pump. As long as I’m hooked up to water at the campground, it is a non issue. I don’t use the water pump when I’m connected to water. Unfortunately, I’ll be staying at a couple of places without a water hookup during the second half of March. It is time to fix the problem.

Water pump mounted to the wall inches from the water tank. It is surrounded by water lines, heat ducts, electrical wires and the vacuum cleaner line. The area circled in red is the switch on top of the pump I need to replace.

I have the replacement switch that goes on the top of the water pump. The problem is getting access to the pump to switch the old for the new. The pump is mounted to the wall of the basement storage bin with the water tank with four screws. The tank blocks access to two of the four screws. In addition to the water lines going to and from the pump, there are electric wires, heating ducts and a vacuum cleaner line in the same space as the pump. My best option will be to replace the switch on top of the pump without removing the pump.

The smallest actual screwdriver I have was too big. It wouldn’t fit in the space between the switch and the top of the bin.
Putting a screwdriver bit in my vice grips met the height problem, but was too long. I handle of the vice grips was blocked by too many other things.

The next challenge was finding a tool to remove the screws holding the switch to the pump. I was reminded of Goldielocks and the three bears. In this case my first choice in screw driver was too big. My second choice was too long. The third choice worked for a few turns, before it was also too big. I need to find a tool that is just right or another way to access the space with the pump. Tonight I’ll think about other ways to get at the pump. Tomorrow I’ll go tool shopping.

This special little right angle screwdriver I found in my tool box worked for a minute or two. Once the screws were an eight to a quarter of an inch out this device also became too tall. If it only had the Phillips head it would work. My last choice solution could be cutting off the other end to make it shorter.

On my daily walks to the river I found a slightly calmer level of activity. There were not as many power boats, but the number of paddlers was just as plentiful. The people paddling in kayaks either can’t see or don’t know the significance of diving flags. There were several very close passes between kayaks and divers this morning.

Sunset over the Rainbow River.

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