River Action and NASCAR Action

Sunday February 20th 2022

The temperature peaked in the low to mid seventies after a cool start. It was in the forties inside my RV home when I first got out of bed this morning. I retreated to my bed for another hour after turning on the heat.

Mr. Wood Duck

This is probably the last morning I’ll experience in the forties this Florida winter. The remainder of my stay here is forecast to be very warm. The forecasters are talking about the possibility of record highs in the upper eighties to ninety degrees by the end of the week. Next Monday I move to the southern part of the state for all of the month of March. Overnights in the fifties during March are coldest usually experienced in that area.

Every winter in Florida I seem to have my travel pattern somewhat backwards. I seem to be at my furthest north location in January and February. For next year I was planning on reversing that pattern, but it hasn’t worked out. When I attempted to book the two weeks in the middle of January, I wasn’t successful booking a state park east of Tampa. The alternative I found was even further north than I am now. On Wednesday of this week I need to book the end of January into the beginning of February. I will try for a reservation in the center of the state planning on moving south as the winter continues.

Today was the Daytona 500 NASCAR race. It is a big deal in central Florida. The local Fox television channel has been broadcasting from the track since Wednesday. This morning they were there once again. The Fox network coverage took over in the afternoon. I didn’t need all the hype to remind me to watch the race. It is on my agenda every year. I wasn’t completely glued to my TV, but I did watch most of the race. Wrecks near the end of the race took many of the name drivers out of the race. A rookie, Austin Cindric won the race as the field wrecked behind him.

I took my usual two walks today and got in some more time watching the action on the river. Similar to yesterday the river was filled with various types of water craft and people enjoying the clear river. I continue to wonder what it looks like as the temperature really gets hot.

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