A River Watching Day

Saturday February 19th 2022

It took until late morning for the sun to make an appearance after the clouds and rain associated with the latest cold front passed through the area. The high temperature was much cooler today and the wind was out of the north. As long as you were in the sun it was very comfortable. The temperature peaked around seventy degrees.

It was a bright sunny afternoon after a cloudy start to the day.

Between my daily walks I spent some time watching the action on the river. When I first arrived at the kayak launch and beach area the river was rather empty. The only real action was from a party at one of the houses across the river. Within a few minutes everything changed. A few Kayaks appeared from the south followed by the start of a flotilla of up stream bound jet skis. From the other direction a diving flag on a buoy followed by a pair of snorkelers and a diver came down river. There was a flood of activity in the river and it wasn’t even the popular season for recreation on the river. I can only imagine how congested the river is in the high season with floating down river on tubes added into the current mix of boating, swimming and diving activities.

The river began quiet.
Three of more than ten jet skies slowly moving up river.
A group of divers moving down river and some paddle boards coming up river.
Divers, Jet Skies , ka
A pair of swimmers joined the mix.
More of the group of water craft.
Things starting to calm down again.

The atmosphere at the campground was very much in weekend mode. Unlike the laid back atmosphere during the week, kids were playing in the grass areas and campfires were burning at many of the campsites. There was also a steady parade of kayaks getting dragged to and from the river. This is very much a paddler’s campground.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

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