No Drizzle but Still a Bleak Day

Sunday January 23rd 2022

Saturday was a drizzly and bleak weather day. The drizzle was gone today, but most of the day was equally as bleak. The outside temperature began in the low forties and didn’t climb to fifty until the clouds moved out around 3PM. The sun set across a clear sky. The lack of cloud cover means there is nothing to keep the overnight temperature from dropping. There is a freeze warning for this area of Florida.

Vulture circling above the campground. I wonder why.

This day met the definition of a nothing special day. I did some reading, some TV watching, some cooking and lots of eating. Twice during the day I bundled up in another layer and took short walks around the campground area of the state park. There was a lot of turnover as you’d expect for a Sunday. Two of my neighbors departed near the 1PM checkout. The neighbor in a truck camper pulling a box trailer didn’t leave. For some reason, I’ve been expecting them to leave every day since I got here last Monday. It is probably because they put all their outside equipment away in the trailer every night.

Tomorrow should be warm enough to encourage a little more activity. This weather isn’t bad. It just isn’t as nice as it has been or will be in the future. Nice weather motivates activity.

No clouds in the sky at sunset.

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