Saturday January 22nd 2022

Some light rain fell overnight as the latest weather front arrived in the area. The inside temperature was in the fifties when I got up this morning long enough to turn on the heat. When I started my day the inside temperature had risen to the mid sixties. The outside temperature barely crossed the fifty degree mark. The high was fifty one degrees.

Blossom of the day.

Not only was it a cool day, but it was a wet day. A steady drizzle came down all morning. In the early afternoon there were a few dry periods. I tried to get in my first walk of the day around the campground. The north wind kept it raw and uncomfortable outside. I returned to my RV home after an abbreviated walk very damp. It was much drier on my second walk just before darkness settled in. I even managed to take a couple of pictures.

Around the campground, most people seemed to be hibernating. Most of the people out and about were out to walk the dog or make a quick trip to the restrooms. There were no bicycle riders or kids playing. I did find one surprising odd activity during my first walk that was shortened by drizzle. A wedding party was taking pictures near the dock on Hammond Lake. First, I can’t figure out why they picked the location. The background is not very picturesque and the lighting was terrible. Second, the bride must have been freezing. She was the only one in the group of ten to fifteen people without a coat. Everyone else had coats or at least long sleeves. Starting your married life with pneumonia isn’t a good thing.

I spent my day on the computer working on my itinerary for the summer and next winter. My general plan is to head for the Dakotas this summer. It is already late to book many of the public parks in the popular areas, but commercial parks still have openings. I’m planning a little differently this year. My intent is to book each of the major holiday periods first then fill in the weeks between with appropriate reservations. Last year the holiday’s came quickly and required a lot of scrambling.

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