A Longer Hike Day

Monday January 24th 2022

The inside temperature was in the upper forties at 7:30 this morning. I turned on the heat and returned to my warm bed. Unlike the last couple of mornings, the sun was out today. The sun gave the heater a lot of help getting the temperature into the comfortable range. I watched the morning news programs from the warmth of my bed. It was ten before I started the active part of my day.

Colorful wildflower blossom closeup.

After two days of limited exercise, I tried to make up for it today. I took a long hike around Dixie Lake and some of the areas in the front of the park. The hike took about three hours. I’d guess I covered five to ten miles during that time. The trails are not strenuous. They are wide and dry with only a little bit of elevation change.

Little white wildflower blossom dropping petals after this mornings frost.
Leaves on the plant with the little white blossoms drooping after the frost.

On the hike I spotted signs of last nights heavy frost. Most of the plants with small white blossoms that I have been taking pictures of were in bad shape. On many of the plants the blossom’s petals were start to fall off and the leaves were wilted. This was a small local example of the frost. On the TV news they showed many grass areas covered in frost this morning. It is a big deal this far south in Florida. Frost doesn’t happen every winter. Even the community of Frostproof Florida about fifty miles south of here may have gotten frost last night. It was named under the false assumption that it didn’t frost that far south. Needless to say it has quite a few times.

Only one turtle climbed out of the water during today’s fifty degree temperature.

The remainder of the weekend campers left this morning. The mostly Florida based weekenders have been replaced by travelers from northern states. There seemed to be an invasion from Pennsylvania today. I saw three RVs from Pennsylvania arrive to join a couple of unrelated ones that were already here. The second most prevalent states seem to be Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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