Posing Alligators

Friday January 21st 2022

The sunniest part of the day was at sunrise. As the day progressed clouds continued to move into the area. By sunset the clouds blocked the bright yellow and orange colors of the setting sun. The temperature peaked in the low seventies.

I continued my surveillance of the campground laundry facility. It is a very busy place. I haven’t found a convenient time to get my clothes washed. Doing the laundry in the middle of the night is always a possibility, but not one I plan on using anytime soon. The machine was likely available while I was away from the campground during the middle of the day. I was out touring the area and dealing with heavy local traffic. Just getting out of the state park proved difficult today. Traffic entering and exiting the new housing development across route 27 from the park makes breaking into the steady line of cars more difficult. It is only a matter of time until a traffic light is added.

While out touring I stopped at the Walmart in Clermont to stock up on food. The store was very busy, but unlike the last few Walmarts I’ve shopped the shelves were well stocked. I was able to get everything I wanted. The real difficulty was navigating the store with all the shoppers. Each aisle had three or more other shopping carts and most had a Walmart picker doing their thing too. Unlike many Walmarts lately this one had most of the staffed checkouts open as well as the self serve. It didn’t help get me out of the store quicker. I was in like behind a lady that had more than three hundred dollars worth of groceries. She paid with cash counting out the money using twenty dollar bills in a slow cadence. The cashier then recounted it twice at more than double the pace. The things we see!

As expected the campground is full this weekend. The difference is the turnover yesterday and today has resulted in more weekender type visitors. There are several sites with small tents and others with elaborate outdoor entertaining areas setup. There is a 5K race in the state park tomorrow morning. I wonder if any of the new visitors are here for the race. It starts at 7AM, so I’ll probably sleep through it.

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