A Nice Slow Day

Thursday January 20th 2022

Today was the weather peak for the week. It was a bright sunny day with only a little wind out of the south. The temperature exceeded the norm by reaching a high of seventy nine degrees. The next cold front in a continuing pattern is due to pass through the area tomorrow afternoon. The forecast high temperatures over the weekend are in the high fifties to low sixties.

This turtle likes to be alone.
These turtles like to be together. Every day there number increases.

I really squandered the good weather day. It was afternoon before I completed breakfast and my morning internet reading. Once I emerged from my RV home I did a little walking around the campground, but was over dressed for the good weather. On my way back home to shed a few layers, I noticed the laundry facility was available triggering a plan to catch up on my accumulating pile of dirty clothes.

Wildflower blossom of the day.
One of three rental tents setup for Glamping. They have power, air conditioning, and bedding. Every night the three tents seem to be occupied so they are obviously popular.

It wasn’t a well thought through plan. Back at my RV home I loaded the dirty clothes including the sweet shirt I was wearing into my laundry bag. I gathered up my laundry supplies and returned to the laundry area. In the fifteen minutes I was away, someone else had started a load of laundry in the only washer. They weren’t around so it was a pure guess on how long the current load would take. I returned thirty minutes later to find the dryer going with the load that had been in the washer and someone else loading the washer with what looked like the first of several loads. An hour and a half later I checked the availability again with no success. My laundry bag is now waiting by my door. I’ll check the machine availability every time I go by the facility until I succeed.


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