New TV

Wednesday January 5th 2022

The first half of the day was cloudy. Over the remainder of the daylight hours the sun gradually became the dominant presence in the sky. The temperature peaked in the low to mid seventies. The lack of clouds at the end of the day will allow for more radiational cooling and thus a colder overnight.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

In yesterday’s blog entry, I wrote that I knew where to find the Best Buy to buy a new TV. That turned out to be a little optimistic. I set out shortly after the lunch hour to drive to the Best Buy in Bradenton FL. It didn’t appear to be located in the area I expected it to be located. At a traffic light I pulled up Google Maps on my phone and asked for the “nearest Best Buy”. A list of three came up and I selected the first one in the list assuming it was the closest. Google had me turning south at the next intersection. I was uncertain on the accuracy of the instruction but followed the direction. With each passing intersection I became more certain it was taking me on a wild ride. Once I got to the airport on the Sarasota Bradenton line, I gave up on Googles direction and reversed direction until I found a parking lot to stop and reassess my route. When I selected the Best Buy from the list at the traffic light, I’d selected the one in Sarasota. The Bradenton store I was seeking was right around the corner from the traffic light I started following Googles instructions.

He sees me taking his picture.

At the Best Buy I found the TV I identified on the internet as appropriate on display. I verified that it had the correct orientation of mounting wholes. Everything was looking good except they didn’t have any in stock. I found a similar LG TV in white instead of black. An interrogation of the sales associate collaborated that it was the same TV in a different color plastic. It took twenty questions to get that simple answer. I bought the white LG TV. Getting home was a lot easier than getting to Best Buy.

Bracket on the cabinet door with the wire access in the door.
Bracket on the back of the old TV.

Back at my RV home it took only a couple of minutes to get the old TV disconnected and off the cabinet door. The mounting bracket is in two parts. The part attached to the wall implements a French Cleat to hold the TV up. The part mounted to the TV forms the part that hooks over the cleat. The mounting bracket will fit on the new TV, but I’m going to have to get some longer screws and some spacers to allow it to hang straight. I have it hung temporarily tonight.

New TV hanging from the bracket. I need to get some longer bolts to complete the installation.

The new TV is a Smart TV. It took longer for it to boot up and answer the questions it demanded that it was to get it hung. Getting used to its features and using the remote is going to take some time and study. How easy it will be to change the configuration and find new channels when I move remains to be seen. For now I can watch TV in the bedroom again. Figuring out what to do about the bigger TV in the living area is still an issue.

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