Unsuccessful Shopping Trip

Tuesday January 4th 2022

The inside temperature was fifty degrees at 7:30AM. I turned on the electric fireplace and went back to bed unit it warmed up a bit. Eventually the day warmed up to the low seventies. It was ten degrees warmer than Monday, but still ten degrees cooler than Sunday. Today’s temperature was about the average for this time of year.

Between my two walks around the state park I went in search of a solution to my TV problem. I found that I’m looking for something the stores don’t stock heavily. A 32inch TV is to small to be displayed in many stores. The nearby Walmart use their space to display the big TVs measuring 60, 70 and even 75 inches diagonally. The few smaller sizes they stock are in boxes in some obscure area. I really would like to see the back of TV to verify the mounting hole pattern before I buy one. I didn’t make it to the local Best Buy. It wasn’t located were I thought it should be. After consulting Google, I know where to find it now. Traffic in this area continues to frustrate me. Tomorrow is another day to solve my TV problem.

The residents of this campground continue to turn over on a regular basis. I have new neighbors again tonight. The tent on the next site has been replaced by a van camper. Down the road a U-haul truck is serving as a sleeping area for another group. There is a real wide range of campers in this park.

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