A Slow Day with a Few Chores Accomplished

Thursday January 6th 2022

As the next cold front approaches the area, the sun and clouds had a battle for dominance of the sky today. Every hour or two the sky would change from bright and sunny to dull and cloudy. Even with the clouds the temperature climbed into the low seventies.

Today was a day of relaxation with a few chores thrown into the mix. My breakfast meal time extended until near noon as I chased various threads of information on the internet while sipping my coffee. My first walk of the day which followed showed less turnover in the park today. It looks like the weekend residents have started to take over the park. All most all of the vehicles are from Florida. Earlier in the week there were more northern state plates.

Many of the campers have arrived with canoes, kayaks and boats. Lake Manatee seems to be getting more use this year than during many of my previous visits. Each day when I stop by the boat launch area on my second walk of the day I see people returning from an afternoon of fishing. Some report catching a fish or two, but most come back empty handed. I just enjoy watching comedy or occasionally drama associated with loading the boats on their trailers. In the last three days I’ve seen one boater get a little wet after a slip and another come close to damaging his trolling motor after forgetting to raise it.

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