Clouds and Groceries

Monday December 20th 2021

Clouds dominated the weather today. To the north the clouds were thick and dark and to the south it looked like there were more breaks in the cloud cover. Here at Myakka River State Park there were a few short periods of cloud filtered sun. The temperature peaked in the upper seventies. Tonight and tomorrow morning are forecast to be rainy as the latest cold front moves through the area.

In addition to checking out the wildlife around the park, I ventured out to find some food. Getting back to the interstate was a bit of a challenge. Half of the eight mile stretch of road is under construction. Even though the signs indicated that road closures were during the overnight hours, there was plenty of work happening to stop the flow of traffic. Four intersections along highway 72 are getting widened with traffic control getting added. At the interstate major changes are being undertaken to both the intersection and the interstate highway. It looks like a couple of years of work.

My primary goal for the day was getting some groceries. I chose a Walmart further away than necessary. It gave me a chance to checkout changes to the area and it is a bigger store than the nearest one. I didn’t find anything new along the way. The store was busy, but not Christmas busy. Only a few of the staffed checkouts were open, so checkout took longer. I was in the wrong frame of mind for grocery shopping resulting in over buying. Besides not wanting to visit a store until after Christmas, there also exists a small chance of pandemic restrictions being established after the presidents over advertised speech Tuesday. I came home with food that will have to be frozen, but my freezer is already three quarters full.

Rosetta Spoonbills



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