Bad Weather and a Big Repair

Tuesday December 21st 2021

The forecast rain arrived overnight. It didn’t sound particularly heavy on the roof of my RV home, but I slept through most of it. This morning I woke to the sound of heavy rain on the roof. Once I turned on the TV, I found the area was under a tornado watch. Once again, I must have slept through the worst of the storm. It didn’t seem particularly bad. When I ventured out after the storm, I found a moat around my campsite and evidence of many dead palm branches and Spanish moss blown from the trees. The day was mostly cloudy with a high temperature in the low seventies. This evening it is raining again. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and Florida cold.

Moat across the entrance to my campsite.

Today I was on a mission to find someone to check the tow hookup on my car. When I disconnected the towbar from the car I detected some movement in the base plate that mounts permanently to the cars frame. It should be rock solid. After forty thousand miles of towing the base plate was coming loose. I found A&A Trailer Hitch Center in Bradenton that installs base plates and towbars. They were able to fit me in today once they finished with an install. After taking the front bumper off my Honda CRV, they found one missing bolt, one bolt missing a nut and all of remaining six bolts loose. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Eight brand new bolts later the base plate was rock solid again. They were clearly very busy, but made time to fix my issue. This is definitely a business I’d return to another time.

Before and after my repair mission, I searched the State Park for wildlife. The cooler cloudy weather seemed to keep many of the creatures in hiding. Very few gators were on the bank, but a few heads were above the surface of the water. Many of the birds seemed to be hiding out from the wind and chill of the day. I could see many more white, pink and gray specs in the distant trees than I saw out on the river bank. I still managed to take a few pictures of the birds I saw.

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