A Hike Along the Myakka River

Sunday December 19th 2021

The overnight fog was slow to burn off this morning. It was shortly afternoon before the sun made an appearance in the sky. Even so, the temperature still managed to get into the low eighties.

I need to get groceries. The last weekend day before a major holiday would seem like a bad time to join the crowds, but the cloudy weather added a little to the positive side of the decision. The arrival of the sun this afternoon threw the balance back to staying in the park and taking a hike. I took a hike along the banks of the Myakka River this afternoon.

Trail along the Myakka River

Both sides of the river near my campsite have trails along the river bank. One is a defined trail and the other is a path that people have developed by continued bushwhacking along the river. It is an interesting time to walk the banks. The river level is low this year. Last year it was a couple of feet higher and on a visit before that it was actually out of its banks. Today the banks of the river were covered in a bright green grass. Just like yesterday I got a lot of interesting pictures.



Rosetta Spoon Bill Bathing

Great Blue Herons Getting Acquainted


3 thoughts on “A Hike Along the Myakka River

  1. This is the park that I like the most out all you’ve traveled through, I think. I would love to rent a camper with AC of course, and visit this park.


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