Travel Day to Central Florida

Friday December 3rd 2021

Today was a beautiful day to travel. It was a sunny day with very little wind. The high temperature was a little above the norm in the high seventies. It was just right for packing up and setting up at the other end of travel without working up a sweat.

I did very few of my usual travel prep tasks yesterday. This morning I loaded the bicycle on the car and rig the car for towing before returning inside to get the interior ready to travel. A little after 10AM I drove the car over to the day use area at the beach. I took a very circuitous route on my walk back to my RV home. Another “off schedule” cruise ship was arriving in port. The Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas was returning to port long after the normal dawn arrival. I’ve gone from never seeing cruise ships enter port to watching two arrive in three days.

Independence of the Seas returning to port.

Once I arrived back at my RV home, I finished up the outside tasks and pulled in the slides. It was about 11:30 when I drove the motorhome over to the day use area parking lot to hook up the car. There is plenty of open space in the parking lot so I could take my time. The roads in the campground are narrow. It would have been very easy to cause a traffic backup while hooking up. I pulled out of Jetty Park on the dot at noon.

Site 10 at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida.

The first half of the drive to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida was easy with only light traffic. The second half of the drive was brutal. Traffic on route 192 through St. Cloud and Kissimmee in the early afternoon involved lots of traffic. I didn’t count the traffic lights, but I’m sure I caught everyone. The drive turned out to be 95 miles. Where I got the 75 mile number I wrote in yesterday’s blog is a mystery. I’ve driven the same route many times before. It hasn’t gotten any shorter. It took two and a half hours to reach my destination.

Sunset reflected off Dixie Lake.

I’ll be at Lake Louisa State Park for two weeks. It is a frequent stop on my Rambling Road trip in the central Florida area. I was here twice last winter and will be here three times this winter.

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