Sunset Behind the Beach

Thursday December 2nd 2021

It was another day in the low seventies with lots of sunshine and a gentle breeze. There were only an occasional cloud during the day. More important there weren’t any clouds in the early evening during the SpaceX launch. It was a very nice day.

Sunset behind the beach.

This is my last full day at Jetty park for this stay. Five days is the longest window I was able to book. That may be a clue to what I find different about this park this year. There seem to be many more short term visitors rather than longer term occupants. The result is two fold. First the park looks very empty during the middle of the day. The other result is in the appearance of RVs at the park. Most people that are only here for a couple of nights don’t put out all of the outside furniture and decorations they might for a longer stay.

The port was moderately busy today. I watched one cruise ship depart this evening. It only cleared the channel a couple of minutes before a fuel barge made it into the harbor. I took a series of pictures to document its arrival.

The big event of the day was the SpaceX launch shortly after dark. There weren’t as many people here to watch as I’ve encountered in the past, but the cars and people lined the waters edge. From past experience I knew where to stand to get a good view. The launch occurs more inland than most people expect. My goal was to get a good picture of the launch. With limited opportunities, I haven’t had much luck getting a good picture of a night launch. My camera still didn’t produce a very good outcome, but my Pixel cellphone did a better job.

Tomorrow I have a seventy five mile drive to Clermont in the center of the state. Checkout here is at noon and the documented check in time at my destination is 3PM. I should be OK as long as I arrive after the 1PM checkout time at Lake Louisa State Park.

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

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