Settling in at Lake Louisa State Park

Saturday December 4th 2021

The first few hours this morning were shrouded in fog. Before the sun broke through around 9AM visibility was probably best measured in feet. It was difficult to see the RVs a few sites away. Once the fog lifted the sun took over and allowed the temperature to creep into the mid seventies. The next few days are forecast to be even warmer.

Wildflower of the day.
A Little Fall Foliage

My day was spent finishing the setup tasks necessary to be comfortable for the next two weeks and discovering what’s new around the park. I’ve been coming here every winter I’ve been in Florida since 2016. It is a nice state park that isn’t overly developed near all the hubbub of central Florida.

The first thing I noticed while walking around the campground is the removal of a lot of brush. The area around the dumping station has been greatly improved. In other areas the changes is more subtle, but I have the impression that the campground just looks neater. The concessionaire or maybe the friends of the park association have also added some “Eco-tents” for rent to augment the Glamping tents that were added a few years ago. The Eco tents are away from the camping loops near where the horses are kept for the trail rides.

In Dixie Lake the turtles and alligators are still hanging around the fishing pier. During the day they were taking the sun on a couple of the downed logs and this evening the gator was lurking around the fishing pier watching the people fishing and others walking their dogs out onto the pier. In won’t be too long before the alligator gets big enough to be a real problem.

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