A Lesson Learned

Wednesday December 1st 2021

The weather forecast called for a sunny day with a high temperature in the mid seventies and for the most part it was correct. There was one point during the morning that looked like the forecast was all wrong. A big bank of clouds came in off the Atlantic and darkened the sky for more than an hour. Once it passed through, the day was great.

Blossom of the day

I planned my day around the SpaceX launch schedule. A Falcon 9 was scheduled to launch a set of Starlink Satellites at 6:20PM. This area gets very busy with launch watchers a few hours before any daytime launch. I didn’t want to be fight the lines at the entrance station returning to the park, so the plan was to stay at camp today. SpaceX had other ideas. The launch was re-scheduled for tomorrow at 6:12PM. Now I have to figure out what to do tomorrow. Lesson learned; Don’t count on a rocket launch to happen.

Once the launch was scrubbed, I set out to do a little exploring and make a stop at Walmart for some groceries. The store wasn’t very busy. Who said it was holiday shopping season. The store shelves seemed to be well stocked and the aisles weren’t congested. One strange observation was the expiration dates on many of the products in the bakery section. I saw many items that had a fresh sale expiration of today and they weren’t marked down. They are going to be throwing a lot of stuff away tonight.

There were no cruise ships in port today. The only commercial activity I saw in the channel leading to the harbor was the Casino ship Victory and a fuel barge. The schedule calls for the cruise ships to return tomorrow.

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