An Active Port

Tuesday November 30th 2021

After a cool night it turned into a nice weather day. The high temperature was around seventy with bright sun and a breeze out of the north. We are in a warming trend. The temperature may be unseasonably warm in the eighties by the weekend.

Blossom of the day

There was a lot more activity on the beach this morning. The sun bathers arrived in the afternoon, but the morning was dominated by walkers on the beach and surfers in the water. I did a little beach walking before heading over to the fishing pier along the entrance to the port. There are more people fishing this year than I remember from last year. It seemed to be good fishing, but bad catching. I didn’t see any fish caught.

This afternoon I saw something new. A cruise ship arrived at the port. I’m usually still in bed when they arrive between 5-8AM. The Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas arrived at 2PM. It was met by the pilot boat and escorted into port by a law enforcement boat. The sheriff’s boat is there to get other boats out of the way before they get run over. Port Canaveral is some kind of weird port of call for the Anthem. It is on a week long itinerary round trip to the Bahamas out of New York. It departs Port Canaveral tonight around 9PM.

Anthem of the Seas entering the port in the afternoon.
Mariner of the Seas leaving port at sunset.
Sailboat that thought about playing chicken with the Mariner of the Seas.

Just before dark another Royal Caribbean ship the Mariner of the Seas departed port. The law enforcement escort had more to do than normal. A sailboat was attempting to enter the port with its sail deployed. I think it was under power, but the sail was slowing its progress into the wind. Once warned off by the occupants of the fast moving sheriffs boat the sailboat turned around the wind caught the sail and it was out of danger in less than a minute. What’s a cruise ship departure without a little drama.

This blog entry is getting posted Wednesday morning and hopefully back dated to Tuesday November 30th. I had computer issues on Tuesday night.

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