Travel Prep Day

Saturday November 27th 2021

Today is my last full day in the Jacksonville area. I didn’t think about the holiday weekend traffic when I planned my next stay. The result is that I’m traveling on a Sunday at the end of a long holiday weekend. I usually try to travel on a weekday, but I settled on a Sunday travel day to maximize my time at my next stop. The weekends at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral were all booked when I started looking last spring. I was able to book Sunday through Friday, so that is the reason I’m moving tomorrow.

Today was a bright sunny day with very little wind, but the impact of the last cold front is still in place. The high temperature for the day barely crossed the sixty degree mark. Another front is forecast for tomorrow which will keep the sun behind the clouds and the temperature around sixty once again. I’m moving about 170 miles south. It is forecast to be a five to ten degrees warmer with a little sun.

I spent today getting ready to travel. The morning was focused on the inside of the RV and the afternoon the outside. Even though I’ve tried to keep things from accumulating, the longer stay has resulted in a more work to get ready for travel. Particularly complicated was getting all of the pots and pans back into their storage locations. Anything that I though I might use again during my stay got put aside rather than back in its hiding place at the backs of cabinets and draws. Outside I only had the added task of removing the wheel covers that I put on the tires during longer stays. I have about the normal level of prep work left for the morning before the 11AM checkout time.

Walking around the RV park this afternoon I didn’t see any of the birds I’ve grown accustom to seeing. Maybe the ducks and Little Blue Heron have also moved on. The retention ponds they frequented are down more than a foot from the level when I arrived. All of the pictures included in this blog entry are of the local wildflowers.

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