Traveling South to Port Canaveral

Sunday November 28th 2021

It was a cloudy cool morning in the forties for finishing the outside travel preparation tasks. I got everything done and was on the road by 10:45. The official checkout time was 11AM and the check-in time at my destination was 2PM.

My five weeks in one location was over. In some ways I was ready to get moving again, but in others I could have stayed in one place for another few weeks. Now that the first move of my winter Florida wandering is over I’m happy to be experiencing new things. There is plenty of activity in the port. Unlike my visit last fall, I’ve already seen several cruise ships depart the port. Judging by the number of people that were lining the ships rails, they weren’t full cruise ships. It is still good to see the port active.

Carnival Magic
Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas
Disney Fantasy

The trip down Intestate 95 was filled with traffic. The beltway around Jacksonville wasn’t bad, but passing by St. Augustine and Daytona Beach traffic got very heavy and slow. It even stopped a couple of times. Given that it was the end of the Holiday weekend, traffic wasn’t terrible. On a positive note, the big truck drivers seemed to off the road today. I arrived at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral about 2:30PM with one stop for gas. My hope that gas prices would be cheaper after my 5 weeks off the road was not fulfilled. At $3.34 a gallon, the price is fifteen cents higher than I could have bought it for at the end of October. Still the price isn’t the worst I’ve paid nor is it the highest around right now.

Site 355 at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral
If this is a Little Blue Heron then maybe the bird I’ve been calling a Little Blue Heron the last few weeks is actually a Reddish Egret since it had a redder neck.

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