Weird Day

Friday November 26th 2021

The day after Thanksgiving is a weird day. Everything is different about it. Some of the day’s characteristics are holiday like, some are weekend like and knowing what is open is a real guessing game. The morning TV news anchors were the weekend crews and later in the day the programming became heavily sports oriented. It really had my sense of time based on TV programming thoroughly confused.

Blossom of the day.

Both of the businesses I had an interest in visiting today were closed. I wanted to pick up my mail from my mail service before leaving this area, but they were closed today. Luckily, I checked the web site before driving the twenty plus miles. Second on the agenda was getting my hair cut, but the place I’d scoped out for that medium level torture was also closed. My conclusion, the service industries consider this a holiday.

Today’s weather was also weird. It started out cloudy and only moderately cool, but went on a roller coaster ride from there. As the morning went by the clouds increased from gray to thick and black. It looked like it was going to rain at any minute. The wind was blowing out of the northwest creating a very raw and uncomfortable portion of the day. A little after 2PM the sun started to make an appearance. Before darkness arrived the sky was blue and the sun was bright. The temperature never got above the low sixties.

The aircraft heading in and out of Jacksonville International Airport were just as busy today as any other day.

On my walk around the RV park there was a little more activity than yesterday. There were even a few new arrivals for the weekend. The number of unoccupied RVs still seems to be high. I expect many will be back on Sunday after I’ve moved on. Tomorrow will be a packing day for my Sunday travel day.

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