A Quiet and Thankful Day

Thursday November 25th 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

The day started cool and sunny and ended with increasing clouds. The high temperature for the day was about seventy. It was a nice day overall.

Lunch in the weeds.

I spent a very quiet day. It was a case of watching the parade on television this morning followed by the dog show and finally NFL football games. In between I managed to cook up a very nonstandard Thanksgiving dinner. I grilled a couple of Brats as the main course. The only thing traditional about the meal was the slice of apple pie with ice cream I had for dessert.

On my walk around the RV park it was very sleepy. Many of the RVs were unoccupied and others were all buttoned up with the residents inside. I saw a couple of instances of on going outside cooking and one actual gathering of people sitting around enjoying a Thanksgiving meal. The other difference was the level of communication when passing other walkers. Usually it is no more than a “Hi” or a nod. Today it was an actual phrase of “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Patterned sky at the end of the day.

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