Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday November 24th 2021

Today’s official high temperature was in the low sixties. It was about seven degrees warmer than yesterday, but it felt colder. The northeast wind was a little brisker producing a greater chill factor.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

This Thanksgiving Eve day has some odd characteristics. The traffic on the road seemed to be more tolerable than yesterday. It was heavy, but kept moving. Here in the RV park it is getting very quiet. Many more residents seem to have departed for the holiday. The number of partially empty sites and RVs with no one home has increased. On my last walk around the park before evening, I didn’t see more than a couple of people out walking. Usually I see many people getting in the last walk of the day or making sure “Fido” is ready for the evening.

Huddled against the cold.
Head and neck tucked in for warmth.

This will be my sixth Thanksgiving on my Rambling Road trip. Three of those I had dinner at a casino. The first year I was at the Seminole Casino in Immokalee Florida. The second and forth I was in Las Vegas. I had Thanksgiving with dozens of other people at a casino buffet. The other years I’ve cooked for myself. That’s the plan for tomorrow as well. Other people traveling full time have mentioned joining organized meals at the RV park. I’ve never been at a park with anything planned for Thanksgiving. I probably wouldn’t attend anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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