A Cool Weather Day

Tuesday November 23rd 2021

It was a beautiful day today, but not a warm one. The overnight temperature was in the forties and tonight it is already back in the forties. In between the bright sun fighting a north wind raised the temperature into the mid fifties. Outside activities in the wind were a bit on the cool side. I saw a few people wearing winter coats. My only concession to the temperature was a long sleeve shirt under my sweatshirt. I switched from shorts to long pants a couple of weeks ago. Florida winter is here until February.

I see you.

There are a lot of signs of the approaching Thanksgiving Day holiday around. Out on the highway the traffic has increased. There was another accident on Interstate 95 that slowed the flow to stop and go this afternoon. In the park there are a number of half empty sites. The occupants have taken their RV on a trip, but left a lot of the extras associated with life in camp at the site. There are other RVs without any vehicles around. They are clearly away for the week or extra long weekend. I’ve seen similar behaviors at the RV park I stayed at in Las Vegas for a couple of winters.

The traffic on the highway changed my planned attempt to find the Preserve I didn’t locate last week. Instead I got my exercise with another couple of walks around the RV park. The number of flowers in bloom was down because of the temperature. The Hibiscus I’ve been taking pictures of practically every day in particular were not open in the cold weather. The Little Blue Heron and the Ducks were gathered in the sun along the bank of the retention pond protected them from the north wind. The recently arrived flock of Ibis were using the RV Park fence in a similar way.

Inside my sun warmed RV home between the walks I did some more 2022 travel research. Before I commit to reservations for next winter I need a better idea on next summers travel. The Black Hills of South Dakota are my major focus for next year. I will head north in early to mid May and return to Florida by mid fall. There are lots of other details I still need to work out including the route and what else I intend to see.

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