Pictures and Some Random Words

Monday November 22nd 2021

The overnight fog gave way to rain shortly after sunrise. A steady rain of medium intensity fell until about 9AM followed by several hours of the gloomy conditions common over the last few days. This afternoon the clearing sky was visible to the northwest, but it seemed to take forever to get here. In the last hour before sunset the sky cleared and the sun brightened the area. The temperature peaked at seventy degrees. The clear sky means there will be nothing to keep the warmth in overnight. The overnight temperature is forecast to be in the low forties.

Clearing sky slowly approaching from the northwest.

It wasn’t a good day for outdoor activity. I only got in one walk around the RV park late in the day. Most of my day was spent catching up on chores around my RV home. The inside clutter was in need of another pickup session. The packaging from all of the Amazon shipments I received last week needed to be broken down to fit in the trash. At this park it is necessary to take your own trash to the dumpster. They nearest one is at the entrance to the park so I drop my trash off when I’m driving out of the park.

The Ibis have arrived.
Wildflower blossom of the day.

Also among today’s chores was emptying the black and gray tanks. When I’m parked in one place for a long period of time, I dump the tanks once a week. They are big enough that I easily go two weeks without dumping when I don’t have a sewer hookup. On longer stays like this with a sewer hookup, I don’t monitor how much water is going into the tanks as closely and just empty the tanks regularly.


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