Thinking About Next Winter

Sunday November 21st 2021

Today began similar to yesterday. The gloomy weather resulted in a very slow start to my day. It was after 1PM when the sun started to breakthrough the cloud cover. I finally broke from slow mode to active mode about 3PM. During my walk around the RV Park the weather was at its best. The temperature peaked in the low sixties with lots of sunshine. By sunset the clouds were moving back in and the forecast called for “dense” fog overnight.

Blossom of the day.

During my slow morning, I started to think about next winter. The eleven month reservation window for Florida State Parks is rapidly approaching. I generally plan on being back in Florida by he last week in October. If I want to stay in a Florida state park, the reservation window opens one of the days toward the end of this week. My month long stay at this commercial park has also worked out well from a relaxation point of view. This location isn’t ideal for things I like to do in the area, so a different location of a month plus stay would be a possibility.

Another option for the 22-23 winter would be to find a Florida location to stay for several months rather than hopping between state parks. It isn’t too early to start planning. Long term reservations are very hard to get in the popular areas. To have enough things to keep me interested during an extended stay I’d have to be in the Orlando area or on one of the coasts. Those areas book quickly and are more expensive. The same month I spent here in the Jacksonville area is twice as expensive in the Orlando area. Coming up with the right combination of long term stay and moving around to balance the activity level with some consideration to cost is the challenge.

Today’s Egret Picture.

I am now in my last week of my month long stay here in the Jacksonville area. Next Sunday I move down to Port Canaveral for a few nights before beginning my state park hopping for this winter. I’ll be doing mostly two week stays at different state park between now and the end of April.

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