Gloomy Day – Weak Blog Entry

Saturday November 20th 2021

It was a gloomy day. The clouds were so thick and low that the daily dose of passing aircraft could not be seen, only heard. The sun never made its advertised appearance late in the day keeping the temperature in the low sixties. Tomorrow has a bit more sun and a little less wind in the forecast. The temperature may return to the seventies.

Back where it belongs along the bank of the retention pond.

As is often the case, my level of activity reflected the weather. I spent most of my time in side my RV home reading and surfing the internet with a little bit of TV thrown in for good measure. The accomplishment column on the balance sheet of my daily activities was rather empty. Probably only item on the list would be cooking a good meal for dinner. I baked a few chicken thighs in the convection oven. It made a good meal this evening and will provide another meal tomorrow or Monday.

Despite the gloom I got outside for a good walk around the RV park. The Little Blue Heron is back at its favorite spot and the Wood Storks are gone. The pair of ducks were also missing today. The RV park is full for the weekend. There were many arrivals yesterday and only a couple of departures this morning. New arrivals filled today’s few empty sites by late in the afternoon. One thing that I’m surprised by is the absence of Canadian RVs. A few days after the boarder opened there were several Canadians here, but in the last week I haven’t seen any. Maybe all of the sites are reserved not allowing any spur of the moment bookings.

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