Cedar Point Hike

Friday November 19th 2021

The day began foggy with mild temperatures consistent with the season. As day progressed the fog became low clouds then progressed through various degrees of sunshine to end with a clear sky as the daylight gave way to night. The wind also increased as the day went by peaking with fifteen to twenty mile an hour winds out of the northeast during the late afternoon.

My last Amazon delivery from my early week orders came in today. This was the first delivery that actually arrived in a properly labeled vehicle. An Amazon Prime truck arrived shortly after noon with the bulk of my order. I have one more Amazon delivery scheduled for tomorrow. I placed that order yesterday.

Once I had all my freshly delivered treasures inside, I drove out to Cedar Point for a hike. Today’s hike is in the same area I hiked during my first week here in the Jacksonville area. I delayed returning because I suspected the trail I wanted to walk was excessively wet do to the rain and high tidal conditions. Conditions today were dry, but there was clear evidence that the area had been underwater in the recent past.

The Cedar Point loop trail was lined with fallen leaves and branches in a very fall like scene. The blowing wind kept whistling through the branches of the trees in the hardwood hammock. The sound of snapping branches and falling debris kept me on my toes. Nothing fell on my head, but I did see a couple of small branches fall on the trail ahead of my path. I didn’t see any other animal life on the trail and that includes people.

On my way back to the RV park I stopped at Walmart for groceries. I don’t want to go near the place next week. Between the grocery shoppers preparing for Thanksgiving and the Christmas shoppers looking for deals around Black Friday the place will be a zoo. I probably over bought to stock up and avoid another visit next week. The checkout clerk had the habit of putting one item or two if they were the same in each bag. She also tended to double bag for anything over few ounces or requiring refrigeration. I’m pretty sure I had more bags than items when I got home.

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