The Full Moon is Hiding Tonight

Thursday November 18th 2021

The weather was on a downward course all day. It started partly cloudy in the high seventies. By the end of the day the sky was fully clouded and the temperature was well past its peak in the mid seventies. Tomorrow is forecast to be mostly cloudy and about ten degrees cooler than today.

The heavy cloud cover means I’m going to miss the full moon for the third or forth month in a row. At least I took some time to look at the moon last night. The clouds also mean I will not be able to see the partial eclipse of the moon tonight. It is supposed to be the longest duration partial lunar eclipse in 600 years. It is not likely that I would have watched more than a few minutes, since it is happening in the wee hours of the morning, but it sounds like something interesting to get a look at.

Wood Storks where I usually see the Little Blue Heron.

I got another Amazon delivery today. This one was also scheduled for tomorrow. Apparently it was fulfilled directly by the vendor. It was shipped from Phoenix via UPS. It was delivered this morning by a man in a UPS uniform driving a U-Haul rental truck. The delivery companies have clearly expanded their capacity with additional vehicles and probably temporary employees. The peak of the delivery season hasn’t arrived yet. I wonder what it will be like getting deliveries in the first few weeks of December.

Blossom of the Day

On my walk around the RV park today I didn’t see the Little Blue Heron. In the area it usually hangs out a pair of Wood Storks were grazing. I wonder if they scared the heron away or if they just beat it to the location. The storks look like bullies, but are probably just another pair birds that like to hang out around Florid ponds.

Noisy Florida Air National Guard jet overhead.

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