Waiting for Amazon

Wednesday November 17th 2021

The temperature climbed into the upper seventies today. If not for the wind it would have been on the brink of uncomfortable. The humidity and the number of clouds in the sky was also up from the last couple of days.

Still not quite full.

Monday evening and Tuesday morning I placed a number of Amazon orders. All of the Monday orders were due for delivery on Friday, but the Tuesday morning order was scheduled for today. Late yesterday one of the items scheduled for Friday was moved up to today as well. Just as I was getting ready to leave my RV home, I got a notification on my phone that the two items would be delivered in the next hour. I decided to wait for the delivery so the items wouldn’t be left outside for a long period of time. That was mistake.

The Amazon app kept counting down the number of stops the delivery had before mine, but the time windows for the delivery kept getting further out. Eventually the count down stopped, but the time kept moving. When the packages finally arrived, the reason became clear. The app tracked things to the RV park address, but not to all of the stops within the RV park. The rented Hertz truck carrying the deliveries had passed by my RV home several times before finally stopping to drop off my two items and one for the site a couple of units down. Another Amazon delivery truck, this one labeled to Amazon, was driving up and down the streets in the park less than an hour later. This RV park must be a big Amazon delivery customer. It will be interesting to see what happens Friday. Will my seven remaining packages come on one truck or several?

Blossom of the day.

The point of the last two paragraphs of explanation is I didn’t leave the RV park today. I got caught up in watching Amazon’s tracking system while waiting for something that would have been safe enough to leave outside. I think I’ll feel better letting the delivery happen on Friday and there are still a couple of things I may order before I leave here.

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