More Little Blue Heron Pictures

Sunday November 14th 2021

The inside temperature was in the low fifties this morning. The bright sunshine brought the inside temperature up quickly, but the outside temperature climbed gradually to a high in the low sixties. It was brisk, sunny fall day. Tonight’s overnight temperatures are forecast to be even cooler. Everything is about ten degrees below the seasonal norms for this area.

Today was a day for chores and watching football on TV. The inside of my RV home has gotten to be cluttered after three weeks in one location. I spent some time today putting a few things away to lower the clutter level a little. The trick will be not getting more stuff out during the remaining two weeks here and work on putting more stuff away before the end of my stay.

I took two walks around the RV park for exercise. The weather conditions were great for being outside. Many other residents of the park were out walking and riding bicycles around the park. Today was the first day I’ve seen so much activity. Most day’s people are hiding out inside their RVs or possibly sitting around outside. The park didn’t seem to empty as much at the end of this weekend like it has been. The winter contingent of long term residents maybe displacing the sites available for weekenders. The other possibility is that people are waiting until tomorrow morning to avoid area traffic. I saw a couple of groups that looked like they were preparing to move on.

Slightly out of focus, but pretty, picture of the pond as the Little Blue Heron flies away.

My friend the Little Blue Heron was back to posing today. It still won’t let me get real close, but moves around as if posing for pictures to keep an eye on me. Today I got a little to close an it took to the air to get away.

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