A Modified Shopping Day

Monday November 15th 2021

The outside temperature this morning was in the low forties. I don’t know what the inside temperature was since I stayed in bed until things started to warm up. The TV weather talkers told me the outside temperature at the nearby airport. The high temperature for the day was a hair over seventy. Another cool night is in the forecast for tonight.

The resident Anhinga

One of the things I planned to do during my stay was some shopping. I have a diverse list of things that I need from clothes and electronics to RV supplies. Most of them are not available at Walmart, so I need to visit a few other stores. Today, after a visit to a couple of other stores, I gave up for now and turned on the computer for some Amazon shopping.

While I’m on the move I usually have to find an Amazon locker or counter to receive packages. Most of the types of parks I like to stay at don’t accept packages. There are usually lockers in big cites or in major tourist areas, but they are limited on the size of the package they will hold. At this RV park the delivery companies, including Amazon, can drop packages off at the individual sites. This makes it very convenient and you can get any size package delivered. My campsite is on the main park road. There is a steady stream of delivery vehicles going by. Some of the distribution sites, including Amazon, are near the airport only a couple of miles away.

Om today’s walk around the RV park, the Anhinga I’ve seen a few times was back. It was in the classic wing drying pose you usually see them in before it flew into a tree on the far side of the retention pond. The Little Blue Heron and the pair of ducks were also present.

The full moon is at the end of the week.

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