A Short Day

Saturday November 13th 2021

The day began cloudy and warm. The forecast called for improving conditions, but the sky continued to get darker as the morning progressed. At one point a few big raindrops fell on the roof, but it was over before anything got wet. About 1:30PM the sun made its first appearance of the day. The cold front bringing cooler temperatures had pushed through the area.

The gloomy morning kept me inside all morning with my focus on reading the news, both real and pseudo, on the internet followed by whole plethora of other information and stories. I briefly noted the arrival of sunshine, but didn’t venture out of my RV home until nearly 3PM. My daily walk around the park was uneventful. I didn’t even see any of the usual birds in the retention ponds.

I took a second shorter walk around the park just before dark. My goal was to help settle my dinner and try once again to find my bird friends. They still weren’t along the banks of the retention pond. Without new bird pictures, the pictures I’ve included in this blog entry are of flower blossoms I haven’t over used and a peak at the approaching full moon.

Less than a week to the next full moon and a partial lunar eclipse.

The darkness came early tonight. Actually, it is the first night I’ve noticed the return to standard time. My late start to the outside portion of my day is probably the cause. Overall I got less than three hours worth of outside daylight exposure today.

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