Errands and Observations

Friday November 12th 2021

The sun was filtered through clouds most of the day with a couple of rain threats during the early afternoon. The temperature warmed things up into the mid seventies. Another cold front is in the forecast for tomorrow with a much cooler Sunday to follow.

Blossom of the day.

It was warm enough over night that I kept a couple of windows open. This morning, I paid the price. The sound of the aircraft taking off from Jacksonville International Airport was not muffled by the walls and closed windows. Starting before 7AM the jets were busy taking off. The smaller the aircraft the louder the noise. This morning there were only a couple of Air National Guard F15s.

On this Google Maps screen shot the blue dot in the top right corner near the Lowes Gas Station label is my location. It is almost in a direct line with the Jacksonville International Airport Runway.

This afternoon was the time for another grocery run. I have a habit of picking bad times to visit Walmart. Today the kids had time off from school. There were many parents dragging their kids around the store. Many of the kids clearly would have preferred to be any place but shopping with Mom. The shelves had a few gaps in stock. It looked like it was from heavy shopping rather than any shortages.

The Little Blue Heron had a friend today.

Walmart was playing Christmas music on the PA system. That seems to be a little bit earlier than normal. It is probably consistent with there attempt to spread Black Friday out for the entire month of November with specials getting announced online every few days. The Christmas season is clearly on its way. The Hallmark TV channels have been running Christmas Movies around the clock for the last three weeks and the Lifetime channel is starting a similar marathon this weekend. The sappy formular movies are a good time filler now and then. You don’t need to see the beginning, middle and end to know the plot.

On my daily walk around the RV park this evening, it was clear the park was filling up for the weekend. During the week there are a few empty sites, but on the weekend they fill up. I saw two more Canadian plates on today’s walk. The Canadian snowbirds are arriving.

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