Lots of Walking

Thursday November 12th 2021

The temperature didn’t drop as much over night giving the day a head start on warmth. The temperature peaked in the upper seventies shortly after noon. Clouds moved in from the south keeping the rising temperature in check for the rest of the day.

RV park’s flower bed decorated for the Veterans Day Holiday.

Today’s adventure was a hike at the Betz-Tiger Point Preserve. The trail I walked was part of the 7 Creeks trail. The trail was wide and dry which is great for an exercise hike, but the scenery wasn’t great for an entertainment style hike. It was near high tide so the water in the creek was near the banks. I didn’t see any water birds or any squirrels for that matter. I did see plenty of nuts on the ground, so where were the squirrels? There was a lot more trail than I explored. After about half an hour I turned around and returned to my car.

Clouds moving in over the creek at Betz-Tiger Point.

I continued my exercise with a walk around the RV park. It is two miles around the perimeter of the park. I got curious and drove the loop watching my odometer. On today’s walk I saw my first Canadian Snowbird in the park, or at least their car with Quebec plates. It won’t be long before they aren’t so unusual.

Little Blue Heron watching the water for dinner.

The Little Blue Heron and the pair of ducks were in a different part of the retention pond this afternoon. I often see them in the same area with each other, but today they were in a part of the pond near the main road and entrance to the park. I wonder what the attraction is in the different areas of the pond. They also seem to stick with the main, older, retention pond. The newer retention ponds may not have the food sources of the older ponds. I’m a little surprised that the Little Blue Heron has been here for at least three weeks. The Egrets that were around when I arrived have already moved on.

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