The Canadian Snowbirds are Back.

Wednesday November 10th 2021

Today was the last day of the current good weather trend. The sky was bright blue, the wind was calm and the temperature was in the mid seventies. Toward the end of the day the clouds started to move in. There is rain and cooling temperatures in the forecast for the next few days going forward.

I drove up to St. Mary’s Georgia this afternoon to checkout one of my favorite quaint historic river town on the coast. My last visit was at the beginning of June. The town maintenance people were busy cleaning up from the weekend flooding and decorating the trees in the park for Christmas. There were still barriers along the sides of the road that were used to close off areas during the weekend flooding. Today the river was back in its banks, but the water level an hour after high tide was within a few inches of the top of the sea wall.

On the way back I stopped at the Florida Welcome Center on Interstate 95. They have a big banner at the entrance to the rest area welcoming Canadians back to Florida. I actually saw two Canadian license plates on cars in the parking lot. The border officially opened at 12:01AM Monday morning. Google says it is a seventeen hour plus drive from Toronto, so they must have been among the people crossing the border on Monday. Florida tourism is certainly looking forward to the return of the Canadian Snowbirds. The TV news has extensively covered the reopening of the border. So far, I haven’t seen any Canadian RVs in this RV park or on the road. Most RV travelers will probably stop for multiple nights on the way south.

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